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Support and Service for Your Garage Door from Mercer Island Garage Doors

The Mercer Island Garage Doors area has been utilizing the skills and services of Mercer Island Garage Doors for years. The customer base we have built has come to demand the highest quality of service and professional integrity because that's what we do. Mercer Island Garage Doors provides every customer who calls us with the same level of dedicated craftsmanship and mature technicians who never give up on a job.

Residents, small business owners and large commercial managers have called on Mercer Island Garage Doors time and time again, day and night, to make sure that the doors they use in their homes and in their businesses get the repairs they need. Mercer Island Garage Doors technicians have also been supplying the Mercer Island Garage Doors area with some of the most high quality, solid garage door installation our customers could ask for.

Whether it is a broken roll bar, spring box, garage door opener, or strut, we have seen it all, and our technicians have repaired or replaced any part on nearly any type of door. But every repair call we get has one thing in common, mostly, they could have been prevented and the customer could have saved a little money by calling us sooner for a free On-site Consultation, and then picking one of our Preventive Maintenance Plans. Manufacturers suggest getting just the door opener inspected ever 2 years, let alone the rest of the door.

Joints, slides, cables, locks, alarms, digital pads-- they are all subject to wear and tear. Even the door paneling can fade and weaken with time. Mercer Island Garage Doors can repair these components, but more importantly, we can preserve them if you get your door checked on a regular basis-- it's just like going to the dentist, neglect your door, and you could be looking at magnified repair costs.

Residential Services by Mercer Island Garage Doors

The residents of Mercer Island Garage Doors have been using us to help them keep their homes safe since we opened our doors. A malfunctioning garage door really can be the first break in the line of defense against home invasion, and the safety of your family and property. Don't hesitate to call Mercer Island Garage Doors and let us help make your home safe again. The Preventive Maintenance Plans we offer can keep any door running smoothly and save you a huge amount on possible repairs.

But if it's repairs you need, we can handle any door, from vinyl to steel, rolling doors to carriage house doors. Mercer Island Garage Doors can even make house calls within half an hour for most repairs-- that's right, Mercer Island Garage Doors can do same-day service on most repairs. A quick over the phone assessment and our technicians will diagnose your issue and be there in less than hour to get your door up and running again.

Night and weekend appointments can also be made at much more affordable rate for all other repair problems. We have no problem coming to your home at the most convenient time for you to get the job done when you need it.

Commercial Services by Mercer Island Garage Doors

Small-business owners and commercial contractors have also relied on Mercer Island Garage Doors to get them the most affordable and dependable service in the Mercer Island Garage Doors area. Our technicians are authorized and certified to work on any garage door, loading dock, or heavy industrial door our clients have ever called about. They are also locally and state insured and bonded for your peace of mind. Again, Mercer Island Garage Doors Preventive Maintenance Plans can save a business thousands of dollars in unwanted repairs, ensuring that there is never an interruption to the flow of your business traffic and dollar.

The same repairs can be done for commercial customers as well, from fraying cables to bad openers, Mercer Island Garage Doors can cover it all and help get your business running again.

Why wait another minute? Mercer Island Garage Doors is the locally owned and operated garage door specialist that can be at your home day or night to fix your garage door, no matter the issue. Installations are also available with a 1-3 day guaranteed install. Call Mercer Island Garage Doors today!

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